Collection 2017 – new Wedding Dresses from Le Spose di Giò

Le Spose di Giò ’s bride prefers a natural casual look leaving nothing to chance. Modern, reduced to the essentials and seductive…

Price: € 2.900–3.600

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Le Spose di Giò Collection 2017

Wedding Dresses by Le Spose di Giò

Le Spose di Giò’s philosophy

Since 1974 Le Spose di Giò constantly establishes a distinctive and inimitable style creating – from the very beginning – a completely new and unique style for the »Today’s Bride«.

Clean-cut lines underlining the bride’s original look, showing her individuality and identity… That’s the philosophy behind this Italian label with it's unbelievable story of success, originating from the Italian City of Monza spreading into the world where quality wedding dresses are in vogue.

For Le Spose di Giò every bride is unique and one big adventure, she is authentic and unusual unlike others. That’s why every particular wedding dress can be fit and matched according to the bride’s wishes. Only premium fabrics are used, the processing is a high quality one and the cuts are very exclusive.

Le Spose di Gio Wedding Dress
Le Spose di Gio Wedding Dress
Le Spose di Gio Wedding Dress
Le Spose di Gio Wedding Dress

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