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Bridal shop for classic, elegant wedding dresses in Wiesbaden

FEEL WONDERFUL – love is the motivation to visit us – it’s our ambition to see you as a happy and delighted bride in your stunning bridal dress when you leave us…

In our wedding dress boutique we prepared – especially for you – various collections of exceptional, contemporary, classic and elegant bridal fashion from distinguished designers. Our designs are very customised having one fact in common: Perfect flowing cuts that will express your own personality including a feeling of great wearing comfort. It goes without saying that these luxurious natural fabrics are made from silk combined with fine cotton-laces – all handmade.

Feel our Philosophy

Feel our Philosophy

A wedding dress is definitely the most important dress in a woman’s life – hence everything has to be just right. Therefore we are not making any compromises concerning our renowned designers and exceptional collections…

All the wedding dresses and garments we carry at BRAUTPUNKT are exclusive collections of selected European wedding dress designers whose collections are especially made in their own country. We personally know all our designers and suppliers so we have greatest confidence in their professionalism.

We know that their labels always guarantee finest fabrics and materials so their dresses are permanently high grade processed ones and every detail is very well looked after. Their prompt and reliable delivery such as necessary alterations are a matter of course. Having this in mind you can be sure that your wedding dress from BRAUTPUNKT will always perfectly fit you.

Aleksandra und Dominika Gausmann

Feel our passion – I fully identify with BRAUTPUNKT – so do we…

I always dreamed of having my own boutique for bridal fashion. You ask me why? Because as long as I can remember I was grown up with beautiful bridal costumes that were around me.

My mother, Aleksandra Gausmann, already used to have a bridal fashion store. With her agency she brings the world of European wedding dress designers home to us for more than 25 years.

That had a large impact on me – I was always fascinated by the beauty of those clothes, the fine fabrics and elegant cuts such as the whole atmosphere concerning bridal dress designs.

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Feel our passion

I am very happy my dream came true by now. My mother will of course still accompany and advice me because her experience and proficiency are still very essential to me. From years of experience she knows what is important concerning wedding dresses. She has got the right sense knowing which is the perfect one.

Her own passion combined with my fascination for this profession is the heartbeat of BRAUTPUNKT having only one purpose: To make you – the Bride – happy with a smile on your face and appreciate you, our customer.

Dominika Gausmann

Aleksandra and Dominika Gausmann

Your dreams and thoughts are filled with love around »The Loveliest Day in your Life«. All our thoughts centre around you. We are the ones to care for you in a pleasant surrounding and feel-good atmosphere combined with professional and competent advice. You can rely on our very personal and individual guidance to help you choosing the perfect and unique wedding dress at BRAUTPUNKT.

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